Suppliers – Russian Ferro Alloys Inc

The built-in plant is comprised of greater than 50 structural models of ferroalloy and electrode manufacturing, positioned on an area of 380 hectares. These are: 8 ferroalloy outlets; 6 shops for manufacturing the electrode products; lime roasting shop; agglomeration shop; two retailers for slag processing; railway and transportation outlets; shop of power networks and substations; central plant laboratory; and electric arc steel furnace suppliers about thirty auxiliary outlets and areas. The corporate employs greater than 9.5 thousand persons.

13. Zones Preheating zone  This zone is begins from the higher finish of the melting zone and continues as much as the bottom stage of the charging door .  Objective of this zone is preheat the fees from room temperature to about 1090°C earlier than entering the metal charge to the melting zone. Stack  The empty portion of cupola above the preheating zone is known as as stack. It provides the

The experimental retort want not be described. It was charged with sintered concentrates assaying sixty nine to 70 percent zinc, calcines with 68 p.c zinc, and zinc dross. All gave passable results. The condensation of the zinc offered difficulties not encountered in present retort follow, and a higher condensing floor was wanted because of the lower concentration of zinc vapor.

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