From Equation 4 And Equation 5

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19.  The cupola is fired by kindling wood at the bottom.  This ought to be achieved 2.5 to 3 hours earlier than the molten metal is required.  On the highest of the kindling wooden a mattress of coke is constructed.  The top of the coke mattress is may be range from 50cm to 125cm in response to the scale of cupola. Firing the Cupola

Ferrosilicon is a sort of ferroalloys which is built-in of silicon and iron. The ratio of the two chemical substances are mixed completely different, with the proportion of silicon ranging anywhere between 15% and 90% . This alloy is also known by the identify of ferrosilicium. Its identification has recognized by CAS Number: 8049-17-0 and its chemical components is “FeSi”.

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