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To calculate how much it can cost to run yours, first divide your unit’s BTUs by 3,400 to determine your kilowatts per hour. Multiply that number by your electric arc furnace suppliers company’s per kilowatt-hour fee. This offers you your per kilowatt-hour charge, which you’ll be able to then multiply by the number of kilowatts you utilize.

*Furnace repair labor costs. Most HVAC contractors charge for both preliminary set up and subsequent repairs. Be sure to understand the full price of the installation, including any labor costs. If you’re changing an older unit, it’s probably that you’ll have to hire out a few of the labor costs, although you might have the choice to decide on a company with more expertise along with your model of HVAC. If your new HVAC system requires extra labor to repair than just the furnace itself, you may wish to test into additional labor prices out of your HVAC supplier or from one other contractor.

DRI has excessive bulk density, which is larger than that of essentially the most varieties of the steel scrap. Its density is larger than that of the slag within the furnace, which facilitates its melting on the slag / metallic interface. The remaining FeO in the DRI reacts with the carbon within the liquid steel bath to enhance the foaming slag which shields the refractory from the electric arc. Nevertheless, DRI feeding price is a crucial parameter of the EAF course of which is to be controlled. The optimum feeding fee is dependent upon the DRI chemical composition, the bath temperature, and the stirring vitality offered by the oxygen-carbon injectors and the bottom stirring plugs. DRI feeding charges in most of the DRI charged furnaces are in the range of 27 kg/min MW to 35 kg/min MW.

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